Audrey Marilyn Jacobs aka Miss Aud Pics is a Los Angeles Based Photographer Making Fantasies Reality.

Miss Aud Pics has a deep dish love for people. Everyone of her subjects are those who desire to be photographed. This Art is all about Collaboration! Many of these images were created using her now replace camera, a Nikon D-3000 and a single flash. Miss Aud Pics now captures with a Canon 5D Mark ll and continues to create Icons out of everyone that crosses her lens, with no retouching.

Images create Icons.

Each Individual photographed becomes a representation of their beauty.
Miss Aud Pics believes everyone deserves to see the evidence of their beauty. Documented in an honest and relaxed way using only camera and external flash with no retouching, Miss Aud Pics want's to show you her appreciation for every individual.

miss Aud pics

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Audrey Marilyn Jacobs Photography

Exploring through the lens what it means to improve as an artist and image creator.

 Ihave been photographing since I was a girl but I began to find myself serious about my craft in high school. I spent my last two years of high school at Summerfield Waldorf School and Farm, on and off campus photographing. Everyone knew to find me in the Dark Room, then Graduated 2008. It all started with a gift. For my Sweet 16 my father gave me the best gift I have ever been given, my very first Pentax camera. This Pentax once belonged to my Grandfather. With this new camera in my hand I had new interests. With this art power came a responsibility and it inspired me to expand my knowledge of not only the camera but also the world around me. I have been exploring what it means to improve as an an artist and image creator ever since.

 I was accepted early decision to Rochester Institute of Technology in Upstate New York for my undergrad and lived on campus in Photo-house dorm for my first year. There I met friends for life and completed projects with my comrades, all towards a Degree in Advertising Photography. I completed my education, 2012 and moved to Los Angeles, California, 2013. I currently make Art here in my Studio in Hollywood, California.

Audrey Marilyn Jacobs has been blogging since 2009. To see Audrey's post from 2010 to now visit Miss Auds Blogger: