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Pizza to the People began with pulling a particularly joke worthy card during a game of cards against humanity. "(blank) having sex on top of Pizza." Friends and I laughed all night about Pizza being my fantasy fetish. By the end of the night I was giggling while admitting,  " I know I've found the one when I come home one fine day, open the door and find them wedding ring in hand, laying naked across the floor that they covered in Pizza!"

When I told Vladimir Sidach of this hilarious night in August, 2013; he couldn't help but share with me his pizza fantasy. Vladamir sent me a photo of David Haffelhoff that he felt we just had to recreate, but with him as the Model of course and pizza in replace of the pug puppies!

After our shoot together in September, 2013, we found we weren't the only ones with Pizza Fantasies. There are many others with Lavish Pizza Dreams! Over 2014 we asked over 12 Talented Artist what their Pizza Fantasy's were. Together we brought them to life and then to you in Pizza to the People a Fantasy Calendar for 2015. NOW Check out the cheese filled results of the Pizza to the People 2016!

Expect 2017 SOON!!!! Aged 3 years and Currently IN THE OVEN FOLKS! 

Since this 2015 Calendar was bit into by the People with such delight and received so well. I, Miss Aud Pics kept collaborating with many other Creative Pizza Lovers and made their Pizza Fantasies come true for the Pizza to the People 2016 Calendar. Always Available to Order from the self publisher, along with many other "Aud" Products ;)

Photographic Print Posters, Wall Art and Decorations for your Life, Speakers, Shoes, Wallets and Chocolate 

by Photographer and Artist

Audrey Marilyn Jacobs aka MissAudPics

Audrey Marilyn Jacobs Photography

2017 Coming SOON!

Pizza To The People